Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Tenth Circle:5 Post B

In the beginning of this section, Jason Underhill's Ghost visits Trixie. Trixie wasn't really surprised that he was there. As for Bartholomew's case, he was trying to figure out what exactly happened on the night of Jason Underhill's death. He concluded that someone had pushed him over a bridge leaving him to die on the ice below. Bartholomew also realized that on Jason's bone structure around his face was some bruising, that the reader knows is from the fight with Trixie's father, and thinks that it is because of the death. Bartholomew comes to Trixie's home to ask some questions. He first talks to Daniel and asks him about the night that they got into a fight. Daniel denys everything and Bartholomew knows that he is lying. Bartholomew knows he needs to talk to Trixie but Daniel will not let him. Trixie sees Bartholomew walking out to his car and helps him over the ice. Bartholomew finally got his chance to talk to her and ends up tricking her. "Something happened that night between your father and Jason, didn't it." "No." The detective sighed." Trixie, we already know about the fight." (241) They actually never actually talked about the fight but Bartholomew had to know what she would say. Trixie did end up telling him about the fight thinking that her father told him too. Bartholomew finds out that Daniel Stone was not the suspect because of DNA results and now knows that the suspect is Trixie Stone. Jason's ghost comes back to Trixie's room and tells her that she needs to go to his funeral. Trixie ends up going with her Dad even though she knows people will be looking and staring at her. Bartholomew comes by again looking for Trixie and finally after a big hesitation Daniel goes upstairs to get her only to find her window open and Trixie gone.

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