Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Tenth Circle: 3 Post B

Section three starts out with Trixie starting back at school. She gets all sorts of mean looks from people. Zephyr doesn’t believe Trixie and Trixie goes even further into depression. People play mean pranks on her and she wants to go home immediately. Her father comes and picks her up and while they drive away they get a bottle thrown at their car and kids yelling at them. Later, Laura and Daniel start mending their relationship. The mending starts out really slow and doesn’t seem like it would happen. This doesn’t help Laura either. Laura is also having a hard time. She is breaking things off with Seth and is still afraid Trixie will find out. When Trixie does find out they have a huge argument and but it ended really well and they were closer than ever before. Trixie’s case is not looking good with the information coming from witnesses. It shows that Trixie had been lying and that she was the one endangering herself, not just Jason. Later we find out that Trixie was only lying because she was afraid that no one would believe her. She was hoping that it would help her win her case. Later on in the section Laura opened the bathroom door looking for Trixie and saw her on the bathroom floor covered in blood. She saw that her wrists had been bleeding and that she was bleeding to death. "Laura held her daughter's limp body up againt her own, knowing that she had to get to a phone and equally sure that if she left Trixie alone, she'd never see her alive again." (165) I chose this quote because it shows how far in a hole Trixie is at this point. She feels there is no way out of the way she is feeling except death. This connects to a lot of girls her age. There are many girls out there that are very unhappy whether its with their self image or lack of friends. These girls result in suicides and leave their family and friends behind because they feel there is no way out.

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