Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Tenth Circle: 4 Post B

Daniel kidnaps Jason and brings him far away from town. Daniel strips him of all his clothes and ties him to the tree. Jason already considers this as torture because of the freezing temperature outside. Daniel threatens to kill him with his knife but doesn't end up doing it. Instead he drives away and leaves Jason behind in the cold. Laura and Daniel's marriage and relationship is pretty much back to normal and they are doing really well. They pick Trixie up from the hospital from the hospital and bring her home. Trixie is now supposed to go to a shrink twice a week from now on. Zephyr comes over and apologizes for everything she had done to Trixie. Trixie feels very cautious and doesn't open up very easily like she used to with Zephyr. When the family meets with Bartholemew they get tests back and Trixie tests positive for date rape drugs. We now know that Jason is starting to develop depression too. He has lost his scholarship for hockey and knows that he is being tried as an adult because of the use of date rape drugs. We also find out that Seth, the college student that Laura was having an affair with, has sold drugs to the kid that had used the date rape drugs on Trixie. When Daniel forces Trixie to come in the car with him to go to the store, Trixie restrains but ends up going. She is really scared and doesn't want to go because she's afraid what people might say if they saw her so she just stays in the car. When Daniel goes into the store and leaves Trixie in the car, Trixie gets really scared when she realizes that she's alone. When she can't take it anymore she run to the store and slips on some ice. She sees Jason coming towards her and helps her up. He tries to get Trixie to listen to him because he says no one believes him. Trixie is shocked because she thinks no one believes her. Daniel comes out of the store right when this is happening and starts beating him up. Daniel has never been more furious in his life. "Lucid thought gave way to utter feeling. His body started to burn; his own anger buzzed in his ears. He saw through a crimson haze and tasted his own blood." (211) This is describing what Daniel is feeling when he sees Jason close to Trixie. Daniel can't control himself and goes and starts beating up Jason. Trixie runs off and Daniel doesn't even notice because he is so angry. When he realized Trixie was gone he and Laura go looking for her and they end up finding her. The next morning they find out that Jason had committed suicide the night before.

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