Friday, January 18, 2008

top ten list

Top Ten List: The Tenth Circle

10- The tenth thing that someone should know about this book is that the main character, Trixie Stone, is only fourteen years old. Trixie gets into all sorts of trouble and habits in the beginning of the book that may hint that Trixie is about 17 or 18 years old. Trixie gets into bad habits such as smoking and gets involved with drinking and sex as well. These habits turn for the worse and she ends up getting raped.

9- The ninth thing that should be known about this book is that everybody has their own individual story. The baggage that most people don’t know about you is can reflect on how they act in the present time. David had lots of baggage that Trixie and even his wife Laura didn’t understand, but when he was in perspective, only the reader would understand.

8-The eighth thing that should be known about this book is that feelings can be easily hurt, and not just when in high school. Yes, after the rape Trixie was heavily teased and hazed at school, and it was very hard on her. When Laura had an affair with her college student, Daniel was deeply hurt as well. Their relationship took almost the whole book to repair and even still, wasn’t back to normal in the end.

7- The seventh most important thing that needs to be known about this book is that the Stone family is very dysfunctional. Understanding the lack of communication in the Stone family makes the events in the book a lot easier to understand. The affair between Laura and her college student, and Trixie getting into drinking and sex at age fourteen prove just some of the spots where the miscommunication takes place.

6-The sixth most important thing that one should know about this book is that Laura Stone tries really hard to be a good mother. In the beginning of the book Laura Stone is very distant from her family. She spends most of her time at her classroom at the college she teaches at and ended up having an affair. As the book goes on she becomes closer with her family because of what happens to Trixie. She has to protect her from all sorts of detective questions and possible time in jail for “killing” Jason Underhill, the possible rapist.

5- The fifth thing that should be known about this book is that Jason Underhill died too young. Jason was Trixie’s boyfriend who was a senior in high school. He dumped her because he thought she was too young and Trixie took it really hard because she was so young. Jason was the star of the school hockey team and an excellent student. His future looked very bright before he was accused of raping Trixie Stone. When the court case for Trixie got further along, Jason was killed. The investigation lasted throughout the book and it ended up that he was innocent.

4- The fourth thing that should be known about this book is that Trixie Stone is a lot like her father. Later in the book when Trixie is accused of killing Jason Underhill, Trixie runs away to Alaska, the place her father ran away from when he was a kid. Trixie experiences all sorts of events that make her realize she wants to be with her family. Daniel Stone finds his family as well when he runs away from Alaska.

3- The third most important thing about this book is that the theme of this book is family is the most important thing in life. The Stone family comes together when they know that one another are in trouble. They drop everything else that is going on in their life and make sure that the other person is alright. This is a very important lesson for anyone to know.

2-The second most important think in this book is that the world isn’t always sympathetic. When Trixie gets raped, the school doesn’t make an effort to help her get back on her feet. This event completely changes who Trixie is as a person. She doesn’t know who she is anymore and still the school faculty and students don’t have any sympathy towards her because she got the star of the hockey team in trouble and later on, killed.

1- The number one thing that someone should know about this book is that the main theme book of this book is forgiveness is the only virtue. When Trixie gets blamed for Jason’s death the kids at school don’t give her a chance and never forgive her. Another forgiveness lesson in this book is when Daniel has to learn to forgive Laura for the affair. He knows that he has to forgive her because of the better good of Trixie and her condition.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Tenth Circle:6 Post B

This section starts out with Trixie running away. She is on her way to New Hampshire in a trailer full of cows. Her parents are very nervous about her because they aren't sure where she is. They hope that she's alright and can't think about anything else. Trixie's parents realize that she has run away to Alaska because it was where Daniel had run from when he was a child. They hope that she is there because they wouldn't want to travel all the way to Alaska and her not be there. Daniel asks Trixie's best friend where Trixie is. He thinks that Zephyer is lying to her and the reader finds out that she did but Daniel didn't know that. Zephyer had given Trixie all the money in the cash register where she worked and a three hour head start before Daniel had come in. Trixie also stowed away on a plane on her way to Alaska. She had to sit in cargo next to a coffin. Trixie was really scared at first but thought that it was better than not being able to go to Alaska at all.

The Tenth Circle:6 Post A

>pertinacious:Holding or adhering obstinately to any opinion, purpose, or design (287)
amicable:haracterized by friendliness and good will; friendly; peaceable (289)

>Don't trust anyone. This is a theme that is emerging from the book