Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Tenth Circle:6 Post B

This section starts out with Trixie running away. She is on her way to New Hampshire in a trailer full of cows. Her parents are very nervous about her because they aren't sure where she is. They hope that she's alright and can't think about anything else. Trixie's parents realize that she has run away to Alaska because it was where Daniel had run from when he was a child. They hope that she is there because they wouldn't want to travel all the way to Alaska and her not be there. Daniel asks Trixie's best friend where Trixie is. He thinks that Zephyer is lying to her and the reader finds out that she did but Daniel didn't know that. Zephyer had given Trixie all the money in the cash register where she worked and a three hour head start before Daniel had come in. Trixie also stowed away on a plane on her way to Alaska. She had to sit in cargo next to a coffin. Trixie was really scared at first but thought that it was better than not being able to go to Alaska at all.

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