Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Tenth Circle:5 Post B

In the beginning of this section, Jason Underhill's Ghost visits Trixie. Trixie wasn't really surprised that he was there. As for Bartholomew's case, he was trying to figure out what exactly happened on the night of Jason Underhill's death. He concluded that someone had pushed him over a bridge leaving him to die on the ice below. Bartholomew also realized that on Jason's bone structure around his face was some bruising, that the reader knows is from the fight with Trixie's father, and thinks that it is because of the death. Bartholomew comes to Trixie's home to ask some questions. He first talks to Daniel and asks him about the night that they got into a fight. Daniel denys everything and Bartholomew knows that he is lying. Bartholomew knows he needs to talk to Trixie but Daniel will not let him. Trixie sees Bartholomew walking out to his car and helps him over the ice. Bartholomew finally got his chance to talk to her and ends up tricking her. "Something happened that night between your father and Jason, didn't it." "No." The detective sighed." Trixie, we already know about the fight." (241) They actually never actually talked about the fight but Bartholomew had to know what she would say. Trixie did end up telling him about the fight thinking that her father told him too. Bartholomew finds out that Daniel Stone was not the suspect because of DNA results and now knows that the suspect is Trixie Stone. Jason's ghost comes back to Trixie's room and tells her that she needs to go to his funeral. Trixie ends up going with her Dad even though she knows people will be looking and staring at her. Bartholomew comes by again looking for Trixie and finally after a big hesitation Daniel goes upstairs to get her only to find her window open and Trixie gone.

The Tenth Circle:5 Post A

> *perorate: To conclude or sum up a long discourse (237)
*efficacious: Possessing the quality of being effective; producing, or capable of producing, the effect intended; as, an efficacious law. (245)

>One of the emerging themes from the book is "Don't go looking for something that is right in front of you." I chose this theme to represent this section because it describes many different events that happened in this section. A lot of this section was about the rape case diseasing because of Jason Underhill's death. Because of his death people were looking for how it happened and concluded that someone had pushed him. They accuse almost everyone until they realize that the suspect was right there before them, Trixie.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Tenth Circle: 4 Post B

Daniel kidnaps Jason and brings him far away from town. Daniel strips him of all his clothes and ties him to the tree. Jason already considers this as torture because of the freezing temperature outside. Daniel threatens to kill him with his knife but doesn't end up doing it. Instead he drives away and leaves Jason behind in the cold. Laura and Daniel's marriage and relationship is pretty much back to normal and they are doing really well. They pick Trixie up from the hospital from the hospital and bring her home. Trixie is now supposed to go to a shrink twice a week from now on. Zephyr comes over and apologizes for everything she had done to Trixie. Trixie feels very cautious and doesn't open up very easily like she used to with Zephyr. When the family meets with Bartholemew they get tests back and Trixie tests positive for date rape drugs. We now know that Jason is starting to develop depression too. He has lost his scholarship for hockey and knows that he is being tried as an adult because of the use of date rape drugs. We also find out that Seth, the college student that Laura was having an affair with, has sold drugs to the kid that had used the date rape drugs on Trixie. When Daniel forces Trixie to come in the car with him to go to the store, Trixie restrains but ends up going. She is really scared and doesn't want to go because she's afraid what people might say if they saw her so she just stays in the car. When Daniel goes into the store and leaves Trixie in the car, Trixie gets really scared when she realizes that she's alone. When she can't take it anymore she run to the store and slips on some ice. She sees Jason coming towards her and helps her up. He tries to get Trixie to listen to him because he says no one believes him. Trixie is shocked because she thinks no one believes her. Daniel comes out of the store right when this is happening and starts beating him up. Daniel has never been more furious in his life. "Lucid thought gave way to utter feeling. His body started to burn; his own anger buzzed in his ears. He saw through a crimson haze and tasted his own blood." (211) This is describing what Daniel is feeling when he sees Jason close to Trixie. Daniel can't control himself and goes and starts beating up Jason. Trixie runs off and Daniel doesn't even notice because he is so angry. When he realized Trixie was gone he and Laura go looking for her and they end up finding her. The next morning they find out that Jason had committed suicide the night before.

The Tenth Circle: 4 post A

> *Siege:the act or process of surrounding and attacking a fortified place in such a way as to isolate it from help and supplies, for the purpose of lessening the resistance of the defenders and thereby making capture possible.(176)
* Quarantined: a strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease. (188)

>*"'What?' He could hear the bright blue edge of panic in Laura's voice." (213) I knew this was personification because the author gave the character, Laura's, eyes, which are inanimate objects an action.
*"She'd held the word adolescent on her tongue, enjoying the way it fizzed like a bath bomb." (217) This is a metaphor because it says that a word fizzed on her tongue like a bath bomb. This is giving a something a literal stance.
*"Seeing Trixie, her eyes wide, her face as white as chalk." (218) I chose this quote to represent a simile. It compares Trixie's face to chalk using the word "like".

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Tenth Circle: 3 Post B

Section three starts out with Trixie starting back at school. She gets all sorts of mean looks from people. Zephyr doesn’t believe Trixie and Trixie goes even further into depression. People play mean pranks on her and she wants to go home immediately. Her father comes and picks her up and while they drive away they get a bottle thrown at their car and kids yelling at them. Later, Laura and Daniel start mending their relationship. The mending starts out really slow and doesn’t seem like it would happen. This doesn’t help Laura either. Laura is also having a hard time. She is breaking things off with Seth and is still afraid Trixie will find out. When Trixie does find out they have a huge argument and but it ended really well and they were closer than ever before. Trixie’s case is not looking good with the information coming from witnesses. It shows that Trixie had been lying and that she was the one endangering herself, not just Jason. Later we find out that Trixie was only lying because she was afraid that no one would believe her. She was hoping that it would help her win her case. Later on in the section Laura opened the bathroom door looking for Trixie and saw her on the bathroom floor covered in blood. She saw that her wrists had been bleeding and that she was bleeding to death. "Laura held her daughter's limp body up againt her own, knowing that she had to get to a phone and equally sure that if she left Trixie alone, she'd never see her alive again." (165) I chose this quote because it shows how far in a hole Trixie is at this point. She feels there is no way out of the way she is feeling except death. This connects to a lot of girls her age. There are many girls out there that are very unhappy whether its with their self image or lack of friends. These girls result in suicides and leave their family and friends behind because they feel there is no way out.

The Tenth Circle: 3 Post A

> *gyrating (131) - to move in a circle or spiral, or around a fixed point; whirl
* profuse (147)- Pouring forth with fullness or exuberance; giving or given liberally and abundantly; extravagant.

>" She was crying just as hard as Trixie was now, to the point where it was impossible to tell which one of them was clinging to the other. Laura felt, in that moment, like the survivor of the train wreck, the woman who steps outside the smoking wreckage to realize that her arms and legs still works, that she has somehow come through a catastrophe unscathed." (160)
This quote was significant to the story because it shows how no matter your age you need someone to take care of you. The comfort of your own child can sometimes help you get over everything else that is happening in your life. When you are having trouble with your husband and all you have left is knowing your child will forgive you can sometimes help you get over the other things in your life.