Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside: Post 2

The Sea Inside was a lot like The Diving Bell and the Butterfly in my opinion. In both stories the main characters were quadriplegics. They both had somewhat of a wish to die and felt like their conditions were torture. They both had families that cared about them very much and had no wish for them to die. I thought it was interesting that both Ramon and Bauby wrote books about their condition as well. Bauby in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, had a worse condition than Ramon in The Sea Inside. Bauby could only blink one of his eyes and that was the only motion he could do. Ramon, however, could move his whole head. In my opinion, I thought The Sea Inside was a more powerful message in the way that Ramon spent a huge chunk of his quadriplegic life trying to die. It was a more in depth story and had a wider variety of conflicts which made it more interesting.

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