Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Glass Castle Week 3 part:1

1) In this section the Walls family moves into Rose Mary's mother's house. They consider it a mansion compared to what they were used to living in. When the kids get enrolled in school they get their ears and eyes checked and Lori ended up getting glasses, which their mother disapproved, but because the school offered to pay for them she allowed Lori to get the glasses. Because Mr. Walls got a solid job with a steady income, he decided to buy all the kids bikes. The kids were so surprised and thought for sure life was looking up from there.
Not long after they moved into their new house they started having trouble with the neighbors. The first bad encounter was with their "gypsy" neighbors. They has supposedly stolen Brian's pogo stick and Rose Mary fought "magic with magic" to get the pogo stick back. The second encounter they had was with a neighbor that intruded in their open house at night which they called a pervert. He molested Jeannette in her bed and when she realized he was there, her and Brian chased him out all by themselves. We also learned that Rex doesn't like going to church because he doesn't have a faith. Most times when they take him to church he very rudely interrupts the sermon and gets them kicked out.
When Rex Walls hears about a women getting a Mountain Lion killed he gets furious and takes the kids to the zoo to show them how all animals aren't harmful if you know how to interact with them. He takes the kids to see the cheetah and he lets them stick their hands in the cage and shows them how harmless they are. The cheetah licks their hands but then a woman calls security on them and they have to run out of the zoo.
Rose Mary tells the kids that she thought it was going to be a great Christmas that year. They went out and bought a dead tree and put their grandmother's ornaments on it. When they get kicked out of the midnight mass they go home to open presents but their dad is too drunk that he sets the tree and all the gifts on fire .
For Jeanette's tenth birthday her dad asks her what she wants for her birthday to make the rest of her life better while she's living with them and she asks him to stop drinking. He takes this in a very strange way and he secludes himself from his family since she asked this of him. One day when she comes home from school she hears her dad yelling from his bedroom and he's tied to his bed. She asks her mom what's going on and she said that he's battling his own demons.
After Rex recuperates from not drinking he decided the family should go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. They end up breaking the car down by making the car go as fast as it can. They end up having to hitch hike home but Rex decided to walk home. Three days went by and he came home completely drunk and started yelling for Rose Mary. They got in a huge fight which involved knifes, but didn't take long to taper off.

2) Jeanette Walls had a shaken and wild upbringing. She Had 2 sisters and 1 brother. They traveled all around running from people her dad got in trouble with and never could depend on living in one spot for too long. Their parents had questionable morals and rules t which sometimes got them hurt or in trouble. Her father was an alcoholic and when drunk was abusive to her mother. He didn't set very good examples in front of his kids but his kids didn't know any better than to believe everything he said. Her mother was a painter and sold paintings for very little money. She started her own gallery in their house in Phoenix, but it didn't last long. Today she is an entertainment gossip columnist and is now a known author for her book "The Glass Castle."


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