Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Glass Castle Week 4: Part 2

The family decided to get out of Phoenix and go to Welch, West Virginia. It takes them about a month to get cross country and finally get to Rex's folks house. The house is very worn down and Rex, you can tell, is really embarrassed. Erma, Rex's mother, opens the door and tells the kids to call her Erma, not grandma. The whole town gives off a very weird vibe. The kids enroll in school without birth certificates and previous school reports and are placed in classes with kids who have learning disabilities because they can't understand the principle's accent. The kids have a hard time adjusting to their peers. Jeannette gets beat up by a group of black girls. They keep bothering her and beating her up until she, one day, saves the leader of the black girl's gang's neighbor. Soon she befriends her and she helps her with her homework. Rex and Rose Mary leave to go back to phoenix to get all the stuff they left behind. But when they got there they found that everything was taken. While they were gone, Erma takes advantage of Brian and Jeannette gets Lori to come in and help him. Lori and Erma get into a fist fight, and by the time it gets out of control their grandpa breaks them apart. Erma gets so mad that she sends them to the basement for the rest of the time their parents were gone. When their parents got back, Erma banishes their entire family from her house so they find a new home in the mountains that has no running water and is falling apart, literally.

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