Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Tenth Circle: 2 Post B

The second section starts out with Trixie being at the hospital. She is being examined for infections because she had just gotten raped. Doctors question what happened and what she had been doing that evening. When Daniel goes back to their house to get Trixie new clothes, Laura come the the hospital because she got the message that Daniel had sent her. When Daniel gets back from the house, he's surprised to see Laura with Trixie. When they finally get to go home from the hospital, 27 hours later, Trixie is deathly tired but can't sleep. She can't get what happened with her and Jason out of her head. She is always replaying it over and over in her head and she can't focus on anything. Daniel also finds out about Laura's affair. This puts a major dent in their relationship and marriage. Laura tried really hard to make up what she did to Daniel but he has no interest in what she has to say. Trixie tried to go back to school. Daniel doesn't feel she should go back to school but the counselor feels its the best thing to do. Trixie's best friend Zephyr also hasn't spoken to her since that night. Trixie is hoping its because she doesn't know how to apologize to her but not sure if that is the reason why.

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