Monday, November 26, 2007

The Tenth Circle: 1 Post B

The Beginning of the book, The Tenth Circle, was very interesting. We find out that Daniel, Trixie’s father, is a successful comic’s writer. He has a rocky relationship with his wife Laura. Laura is a College professor teaching a very popular course on hell. We find out that Laura is having an affair with a college student but breaks it off and becomes very upset. Trixie is fourteen, and has a best friend named Zephyr. Trixie becomes some sort of a rebel when she is with Zephyr. One night Trixie tells her dad that she is having a low key night at Zephyr’s house and then sleeping over there. What her father doesn’t know is that Zephyr was planning on having a big party at her house including all kinds of inappropriate games. Trixie was planning on fooling around with other boys to make her X-boyfriend, who she is still crazy about, jealous. When Trixie starts drinking her head was spinning and all she could think about was Jason. When everyone left except Jason, and, Jason’s friend, Moss, Trixie was ashamed and embarrassed so she hid in the bathroom. Jason went up to meet her and they started kissing. We later find out that Jason had raped her. When Daniel finds out, he takes Trixie to the hospital for some exams.

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